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House Bus On Wheels

Buck of water in good shape, not 1 cub, needs more, and that volume above, it's a shifted centre of gravity. IMOW is either a tank or a better water tank to be located down there, which requires a suitable trunk like the Marinny bus. There's two tanks at 300l on the top, it's for a summer shower, and the water's warming up, and it's secure, next to the bus, a shower booth and a fast-connected shower leek from the bus roof. It's for recreational options with a wilderness where the soil feeds water. Couple of two tanks in the luggage compartment of the bus, one for the inner shower and the sink, one for the toilet, two for the toilet, because for me to rest without a full shower and a full toilet, without cluster systems, it's impossible. Soul water can be drained anywhere, without harm to the environment, but toilet waste only with specialty cars, or sludge in designated areas. These are my thoughts.

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