Как выбрать автомобильный прицеп - Колеса.ру

Trailer Home On Caravan Wheels

CARAVANING - Caravan, Road, Trailer, Mobile House, House on Wheels.
Yes. A travel house. Mobile flat for active rest. It's all-season, well-built. Mobile office. The store. Bullshit, time with convenience. Hunter's house, fisherman.

1. Rental is 3 days on the beautiful shores and the beaches of Carelia. Rest for the whole family, regardless of the nature and time of the year.
2. Sale is a big choice, always up-to-date, selection on your criteria, detailed photos.
3. Verification is the general condition of the trailer and the efficiency of all equipment.
4. Consultancy is in the choice of a model for purchase.
5. Aid in delivery from Europe in three days.
6. Instructions for the operation and maintenance of the trailer and all internal equipment.
7. Repair and maintenance - electricity and gas equipment.
8. Tunning is the installation of signals, energy-saving lighting, boilers and other dopes.

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