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Mercedes Spring 4X4 Home On Wheels

And now I'm at the unmarked tech center on the outskirts of Stuttgart, where Mercedes prepares vans and microbuss for exhibitions and journalists. Some of the other Spinters found some interesting copies. This is a model of the old cabinet built specifically for the German exhibition Caravan Salon: a side wall of the " opileen " for better view, and inside, leather seats, white alcantar, a couch that turns into a double bed, stove, television, biotalet.

This new Sprinter demonstrates the possibilities “at home on wheels

This is a full-fledged transfer with Oberaigner.

The second interesting car is the complete Sprinter (in other words, Korean Kumho tyres). Underneath the bottom, "drawn," the cliens under the front ball is impressive 28 cm. " The full-transmission components are delivered to us by the German firm Oberaigner, commenting to the Mercedes. - With this help, we will reboot the 4x2 in 4x4. " And you know what? Based on the price on Oberaigner's website, this improvement costs Euro12,300, our money is more than half a million rubles. And turning Sprinter into a version of 6x6 (single and so) is worth 39090 Euro 1,7 million roubles! Yeah...

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