Дома на колесах - Орден Солярис, Стая галок

Accord Wheels House

"We heard those songs! Exactly. The Aukzoon group singed them, I think. But then they were richly aranged, very competitive. ♪ ♪
On this disc, the guitarist and the singer of the Aukchion, Leonid Fyodorov singing his songs, and as if the words that were made are as simple as guitar scorks, singing inexorable, prosperous voices, start to play unexpected paints. Fyodorov sings "Beat Day" and "House on Kolesah"and everything turns around like he doesn't care where he is and what's happening to him right now. There's only him, the guitar and maybe someone else. We must be with you."

"Shlo, cool, as always! But somehow there's a feeling that "4, 5 tons" has been released for the purpose, so to say, "popularization," Aukzoon:

"L.Feudorov's free album "Chetarespolovinotonnes," which claims to be dembelly simplicity and unsatisfactory, if not debilitating, is basically much deeper and contain than the form. Gusaki and Svetlana, perhaps the only songs matched by the style of the common album concept, a multi-page booklet with the Army photographs of Fyodorov. But how unwritten they appear in the rest of the album. There's no easy guitar performance, no matter how hard you try, to treat this Fyodorov project.

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