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To The Sea With A Wheel House

Крыша едет, дом — за нейThe MK correspondent felt like a foreigner in Russia, passing through the towns of the Wilder Houses on Wheels.

" What do you want to do and where to stop? " , two questions that are of concern to tourists. Especially those who are driven tour guides prefer small cities. The Dom on Wheels or the Emperor solves both of these problems. However, in Europe and the United States, one third of the travellers have long been abandoned by hotels and trains in favour of home. On domestic roads, such hybrids are still rare: similar to the fingers, and hyishnics stop with an invisible regularity. Not to scrub in, just to look inside. ♪ ♪

Together with the Caravaning " Great Volga " , the MK correspondent hit the road with no roads and hydration. I also found out where the 12 chairs were described. Vasuki, where Kitez-grade disappeared and where the world was the only monument to Jude.

Photo: Anastasia

A total of eight crews were involved in the car run, by the number of regions we were expected to travel.

The autopsy started with a briefing.

♪ Dishes, food, clothes in the closets. And you have to block the doors so they don't open from the shave. You don't want to use it during a race. And another nuance, the water tank in this automobile model is only 100 litres, so spend it economically... - Vadim Dashuk, a representative of the Caravanier League, has been trying hard to bring the rules of " life " to us.

We've listened as carefully as the airplane's passengers. The only message about the limit to the water was that the car was taken from the anabios. Women's half of the team was particularly excited.

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