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Species Inside The Wheels

Wheels like a cover.
USA, Olympia

The movement called Tiny House Movement appeared in the United States as a response to the great American dream of a simple family nest. The more square metres, the less freedom and the sicker the mortgage. In keeping with this, Americans began building small (not more than 55 square metres) at home on wheels♪ Unlike trailers, these are real houses that are suitable for life in winter and summer. They need wheels not only for mobility, but also to be formally considered a trailer, which means that there is no need to pay real estate taxes and to obtain a lot of construction permits. The ideology of Tiny House Movement: pay only for what you really need.

Dee Williams is one of the bright paths. 15 years ago, she also dreamed of a big house and even bought it in Portland: 140 squares of happiness and $1,200 of housing loans a month to pay for mortgages and utilities, D was working daily. One day she fainted, picking food at the store. The doctors diagnosed chronic heart failure. Dee thought she'd pay for her house for another 30 years, and would she last so much? Does she like that life? The answer was himself. After all, she sold her 140 square metres together with a loan, and she built a mobile cabin of 8 square metres for the money she earned. You can see her in the picture.

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