Актер превратил КАМАЗ в дом на колесах

The House On The Wheels Stole The Kamaz

This year, on 9 May, a number of new national military equipment will be represented on the traditional parade of victory in the Red Area. One of these debutants is Typhoon-K, a universal high security armoured personnel carrier. Such a banal formulation masks the unique result of cooperation between the major Russian transport and scientific centres. CAMAZ, URAL, GAS Group was working on the creation of an innovative chassis, the Sarov Federal Nuclear Centre designed a body armour, and the Bauman IGS calculated a hydropneumatic suspension load.

Invincible Typhoon.

On the battlefield, where the danger comes from all directions, a machine like Typhoon is irreplaceable. Minute? Deleted - the bottom of the truck was made in accordance with all GAS and international standards.

A fragmented fussed mine with a mass of up to 8 kilograms of trotile equivalent, which with the ease of blowing a few simple trucks, a new Typhoon isn't scary, it's only gonna be puffed with a body. What if we crossfire? It's like watching the fall rain from a cozy house: bullets of 14, 5x14 millimeters will not cause any harm to the armoured personnel carrier, but they are used for anti-tank guns and large-calibre machine guns.

But all of this seems petty compared to the fact that the car is holding down some RPGs, the very grenade launchers that even the tankers fear as fire. In the event of an attack on a armoured armor from such missiles, it was decided to set up special hinges to save the crew from the cumulative belts. These elements are screens and polymer mites uniformly mounted on the perimeter of the shell.

House on wheels

In addition to a three-person cab (plus one bedroom seat), a 16-person special capsule has been installed inside the armoured personnel carrier, which has its own armour, air conditioner and weapons compartment.

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