Интерьер дома на колесах

Interior Photos On Wheels

kvartiranakolesahLet's start with a humble but comfortable bedroom of European Mercedes Actros. High ceilings and floors make the cab movement as convenient as possible. The concept Mercedes Future Truck 2025, shown three years ago, suggests that the company flagship will be updated and will become much more luxury. The current Actros has been released since 2011.

This is the bedroom seat of one of the most popular European tractors, Volvo of the FH series. There's a leather couch, a TV, a small refrigerator and a few boxes for clothes and petty things. In the photo, Volvo FH 540 Viking, produced by a limited circulation for the Russian market. Like Actros, FH is no longer new - it has been produced since 2012.

kvarIf you think about working on MAN trucks, you can count on this recreational space, really, if it's about the Flag TGX Performance Line on truck rings. Tagach is now available in our country. There are also an alcantar leather, and many boxes underneath the bottom shelf, and unpredictable quality, all as the Volkswagen car is supposed to be.

That looked like a salon of a rather rare Scania Longline, which was released in the early 2000s. A tractor with a huge bedroom would be quite appropriate to look at American Haves.

kvartiranakolesah1Judging by the way the sleeping compartment looks exactly the new Freightliner Cascadia, Daimler's conjunction took a serious turn to bring American drivers into European interior culture. There's no impossibility, leather couches with buttons under the old and wood cubic meters. Still, there's a bright, simple and cozy inside.

Western Star 5700 XE. The popularity of the American Highway. If the front panel is made of practical, rigid plastic, the bedroom has a place of humble luxury in American: leather, wooden plant, refrigerator, microwave furnace, and just a box of things. Five combinations of interior separation are proposed.

Kenworth T680's modern bedroom looks like this. The front passenger seat shall be rotated around its axis to be able to work at the sliding table. Standard American set, TV, refrigerator, microwave furnace and stuff boxes, including mini-harderob, is also available.

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