В США продали самый большой дом на колесах

Bigest House On Wheels

Самый большой дом на колесах в миреToday, a lot of people are confusing the most fabulous and big house on wheels in the world. The private American company Ron Anderson (Ron Anderson) Anderson Mobile Estates and the Austrian firm Marchi Mobile are fighting for the most fabulous vehicle. However, if the luxury of separation and exclusivity of the interior of the mobile housing units can be disputed, the size and load capacity of the house on the wheels that Rona Anderson has designed for the individual purchase of the Hollywood celebrities, the stars of the podium and just the mad millionaires, are led.

How was the biggest wheel house in the world

The design and establishment of the largest home was commissioned by Ron Anderson in 2010 by a CBS television channel specifically for the 8th season of the " Two and a half Men " (Two and a Half Men). The original cost of making this miracle of automobile thought has not been disclosed, only one interview by the director of Gary Salvarsan (Gary Halvorson) admitted that the daily residence of one of the main heroes, Walden Schmidt, whose role has been performed by Ashton Kutcher (Ashton Kutcher), is shared by the American Tele Project Administration at $8,700 North American.

After Ashton Cotcher's filming, he decided to keep the biggest house on the wheels of the world, and now occasionally demonstrates to the general public all the beauty of living in his mobile home. Of course, Kutcher ' s trailer does not compare with serial samples, either in the living area or by weight or in the traction, and exceeds any moving house on the luxury and the sophisticated decoration of the interior.

Bigest house on wheels.

The total area of the two-storey trailer is 102 square metres and its operating mass (excluding the tractor) is approximately 70 tons. According to the Two and a Half Men scenario, this is the largest family. home on wheels In the world, three young families were meant to live together. In the view of the designers working on the project, one family of four to five people would be comfortable with this housing, with minimal inconvenience.

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