Производство домов-трансформеров в Краснодаре

Transformer House On Wheels

Дом-трансформер раскладывается из фургона всего за час / скриншот УНИАНThe transformer's house is only in an hour.

The modular transformers are becoming more popular. Many refuse classic housing to be able to travel.

As an alternative, people choose at home on wheels♪ In just one hour, the mobile house is set up and built into the container trailer for transport. There are two versions of the mobile house, one-stage (140 square metres) and two-stage (250 square metres).

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The wooden walls of the house have a thickness of 15 cm and maintain heat under any weather conditions. More original residents can settle in the water. Photovoltaic panels provide electricity. The built-in system consumes fresh water from water for domestic use. Extremals are also offering an ecodote in a tree.

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